Sunrise purification


In Japan, it’s said that the sun has the power to purify everything. That’s why Japanese people like to dry many things under sun. For example clothes, covers, toys, food and even our bodies. On the other hand, we believe the sun is very holy. My grandmother often puts her hands together and prays to the sun for a sunny day.

I went to Ali mountain to see sunrise last month. It was amazing! I’d never been to hight place like Ali mountain before it is over 2000m tall! I did have a headache, because of the thin air, however it made me feel like I’m living in nature.

This rail was built during period of Japan’s rule.
walking around in green!
I really like moss green
PRINCESS MONONOKE came to my mind

On the first day, after we enjoyed a walk in the mountain, we saw a beautiful sunset. It’s hard to express the color.  I just stared into the sunset. I couldn’t think about my  life at that time.

amazing view
Is this sea of clouds?
I was a super lucky girl to go such a sunny day!

I stayed at a YMCA hostel.  It was very nice and clean. A good place, with good food. However ,the hostel is  2000m over the mountain, so it’s cold. I recommend you to bring some protection against the cold, because there’s no any heater in the hostel!


simple but clean

First we took a little train to go top of Ali shan. The train was so cute! It took about 40minutes. After getting to top, it takes 3minutes to get to terrace on foot. There are some food stands at the terrace. Then we just waited for coming sun rise. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses, if you want to enjoy the sunrise! It’s so bright.

I would like to share my happiness with you. Thank you for reading!






『阿里山へのアクセス 台湾好行バス編』









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