Kyoto ZEN sprit in winter


Actually Kyoto is very cold in winter. Because Kyoto is located in a basin, people living there feel chilled to the bone in winter. My friend who is from Canada said Kyoto is colder than Montreal.  However I think it’s not as bad as people think. There is fewer tourist in the winter. These few years, every corner is full of tourists in Kyoto. Don’t you think traditional architectures don’t match a crowd of people talking?

I love Kyoto’s landscape, especially Ohara. Ohara is located to the north of Kyoto City. We take a bus from Kyoto station to get to Ohara. Ohara has Japanese traditional timber houses and pure nature. The area retains the unspoiled landscape of farming villages in Japan.

Ohara Sanzenin temple
A beautiful moss garden, can you see stone statues?

My favorite temple is 『Sanzenin』.  We can enjoy seeing a beautiful Japanese garden. If you gaze into the garden, I’m sure you will find cute stone statues. Whenever I come there, I feel I’m alive with nature, and I’m allowed to live.

Next destination is 『Housen-In』. This temple is very special, because we can go into the temple and have Macha tea.

We can go into Housenin temple
Japanese traditional straw mats. It makes us calm
【Irori】Irori is a hearth sunk in the floor without a chimney. It is usually located in the center of the living room of traditional Japanesen room.
Macha green tea
A narrow wooden passageway

When we went to Housen-In temple last time, there’s no one else but us. We got a taste of Macha tea, and enjoyed the beautiful garden. I would recommend that people who want a calm atmospher. We can see the complete picture, when we are in a simple environment.


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The Ohara area has been known as Gyozan for more than a thousand years. It is the birthplace of Shomyo (Buddhist sutra chanting) and known as a sacred spot in the belief of Jodo (Pure Land Buddhism) among Nembutsu-Hijiri (prayer mendicant priests).

Hosen-in Temple in Kyoto – 京都 – Japan Travel – ユーザーがつくる生きた日本旅行情報の宝庫

It was one of the most peaceful and serene moment of my life so far.

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京都 大原観光保勝会








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