A pretty sunny day in late autumn


A pretty sunny day in late autumn



It was a warm week in end of December this year. Like you wouldn’t believe! It has been warm weather around 25℃ over this week. However usually Taipei has rainy days in winter. I was at a loss last year. So sunny days are precious to me. I wore sleeveless tops, and a black pair of skinny pants with a red check shirt.

Tie a shirt around my waist

These days I like to wear monochrome clothes, however wearing only monochrome clothes, it’s too dark feeling in such a pretty sunny day! That why I tie a red shirts around my waist for accent color. And picking a white sneaker up is also good way to make the look rather light.

Red check shirt is very useful!
A dark gray tops and a black bottoms

I cannot tell from the picture, however wore a light makeup without my lip. And when I wear a high collar tops, I keep in mind to tie my hair up. Because after 30 something, our look is not as light or clear as young. We need some little secret efforts for looking young.  Simple Accessory is better in relaxed afternoon. It’s very easy to make a messy top knot. Effortless style matches with our age, even if we take a effort for ourselves behind everyone. Please see the link below for further details.
Hair how-to: styling a topknot

Then it’s perfect balance between neat and messy, if I use this hairband. This hairband is my favorite now ♡

Messy top Knot

Sleeveless tops: CROON A SONG fron Japan
Skinny pants and shirts: UNIQLO

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