Soaking up the sun


Actually I like to stay home. Even though I don’t have any plans, I just like to take it slow at home. Sometime reading, Game, Eating, Drinking a coffee, or just staying on my bed! Because I have a lot of things in weekdays(hove to do and just want to do), So I need the time I don’t need to do something.
15 Reasons why the sun is good for you and its importance

However I’m gradually starting to understand that we should go out and soak up the sun. First sunshine give us a bunch of energy. After we have a job, we have to have concerns, for example, jobs, loves, family, friend and so on. I also had got a strong depression before, because my concerns is too much to have alone. After that I realize it’s very important how to avoid a bad result. Soaking sun is very easy way to make our bad mood better. Now I could say that we  had better to go out and enjoy sunny day.

My walk in a sunny day @ Tamsui 淡水 in Taiwan

I came across many greens!

If I go out such a sunny days, I try to look for greens! I’m deal with PC every day, fresh green is really needed for my eyes. Tamsui is great place in Taiwan for walkers!

Fort San Domingo(紅毛城)
Fort San Domingo(紅毛城)
The Fort San Domingo was originally a wooden fort built by the Spanish in 1629.

There are many historical architecture, looks very good. The fort is open to the public Tuesday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm. There is no charge for admission! YES!

It is located near a port, and Tamsui is known as a best spot for sunset.

We can see a many kind of flower in tropical country Taiwan. I’ve found many flowers which I had never seen in Japan. Moreover we can enjoy flowers all year round. If I stay at home, I never find these beautiful things.

Let’s look up the sky and take a deep breath! We are able to feel full of our power! I hope you find my blog posts informative.

Thank you for reading 🙂
Tamsui (淡水, Danshui)












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