Happy New Year from TAIWAN

2 0 1 7 !


It is the second time that I have greeted the new year in Taiwan. However in Taiwan January 1st is not as important as Chinese new year. When I lived in Japan, after X’mas we immediately have to change the decorations from X’mas to new year’s one.  However we can see X’mas decorations at every corner in Taiwan still now in 2017. There’s no special preparation for new year here.

I enjoyed 101 tower fire works. It was awesome, whenever I watch it, I always think how they do that!

Before fireworks, we watched the tower holding our breath.

2 0 1 7 !

Yeah! Happy New Year!

A great cheer went up from the crowd when the fireworks started. There’s no fireworks ceremony in my hometown when new year, I was very excited.


・Keep Updating my blog as much as I can. (At least once a week)

・Be open to meeting new people, new place and new idea.

・Complete two 30 days challenges. (squat and plank)

・Trip to the countries where I never been.

・Brash up my English and Chinese.

・Seize it when it’s coming here. (I won’t say “I can’t” in my work field.)

May the new year bring you a lot of happiness and smiles!
















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