なぜ、またブログを始めようと思ったのか | Yoko – Yangzi

你好!台湾からヨーコです。 今まで何度も何度もブログを立ち上げ、同じ数だけ続かなく放置してきました。アフィリエイト情報やブログを使ってマネタイズができるということも、プロブロガーさんが乱立する前にすでに知っていました。 …

Yoko-Yangzi is a place to share my fashion, lifestyle, and knowledge with especially 30 something ladies! Because I believe we can be glitter forever if we want to be that. After I moved to Taiwan, I realized that many women sacrifice their lives for their family or something.  So I’d love to encourage every woman to live their own life!

In addition, Only rich can have a “glorious life”? I would like to say 『NO』. We can put a lot of thought into making ourselves happy without a lot of money. I  usually use things people can buy anywhere.

I was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan after graduated from college, I worked as an editor for a magazine. I really loved this experience, but I decided to quit my job to pursue my interest in Chinese herbs.  That’s why I have a strong interest in healthy beauty. Finally, I move to the lovely country Taiwan for learning Chinese and gain new experience!

I really like this phrase: Youth equals Beauty, however, Beauty does not equal Youth.

Thank you for reading! Big Kiss!