• 台湾にきたら絶対に買って帰りたい自分用お土産:スキンケア編#2


    台湾みやげの定番フェイスマスク 旅先でその土地でしか買えないコスメに目がないという人も多いのでは?でも外国だと@コスメもないし、そもそも現地の言葉もよくわからないから口コミも見られない!買いたいけど、ちょっと不安。そんなあなたに台湾在住の美容オタクYokoが実際に使った見たコスメレビューをお届けします。 台湾のフェイスマスク使っても大丈夫? 最初に台湾のフィスマスクを手に取った時に私が真っ先に感じた疑問はこれでした。海外のコスメを最初に使うときはちょっぴりドキドキ。特にフェイスマスクはお肌にのせている時間も長くいので心配になる人も多いのではないでしょうか。

  • 台湾にきたら絶対に買って帰りたい自分用お土産:スキンケア編#1

    ドクターウー(DR.WU) リペアリングシステム・インテンシブリペアリングセラム・ウィズスクアレン 旅先でその土地でしか買えないコスメに目がないという人も多いのでは?でも外国だと@コスメもないし、そもそも現地の言葉もよくわからないから口コミも見られない!買いたいけど、ちょっと不安。そんなあなたに台湾在住の美容オタクYokoが実際の使い心地をレビューします。

  • Happy New Year from TAIWAN

    2 0 1 7 !

    ※日本語は英語の下にあります It is the second time that I have greeted the new year in Taiwan. However in Taiwan January 1st is not as important as Chinese new year. When I lived in Japan, after X’mas we immediately have to change the decorations from X’mas to new year’s one.  However we can see X’mas decorations at every corner in Taiwan still now in 2017. There’s no special preparation for new year here. I enjoyed 101 tower fire works. It was awesome, whenever I watch it, I always think how they do that! Yeah! Happy New Year! A great cheer went up from the crowd when the fireworks started. There’s no fireworks ceremony in […]

  • Soaking up the sun

    ※日本語は英語の下にあります Actually I like to stay home. Even though I don’t have any plans, I just like to take it slow at home. Sometime reading, Game, Eating, Drinking a coffee, or just staying on my bed! Because I have a lot of things in weekdays(hove to do and just want to do), So I need the time I don’t need to do something. 15 Reasons why the sun is good for you and its importance However I’m gradually starting to understand that we should go out and soak up the sun. First sunshine give us a bunch of energy. After we have a job, we have to have concerns, for example, jobs, loves, family, […]

  • Sunrise purification

    ※日本語は英語の下あります In Japan, it’s said that the sun has the power to purify everything. That’s why Japanese people like to dry many things under sun. For example clothes, covers, toys, food and even our bodies. On the other hand, we believe the sun is very holy. My grandmother often puts her hands together and prays to the sun for a sunny day. I went to Ali mountain to see sunrise last month. It was amazing! I’d never been to hight place like Ali mountain before it is over 2000m tall! I did have a headache, because of the thin air, however it made me feel like I’m living in nature. On the first day, after […]